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Glow  Worms  at the Famous

Mount  Tutu  Eco-Sanctuary

Arachnocampa Luminosa (only in New Zealand)


"Titiwai" - Maori translation, "Ray of light by the water".


Special  Glow Worm  Tour  Included  In  Tariff


In a small hidden rainforest gully at our Sanctuary, there exists a habitat of a natural fairy light phenomena!  These are Glow Worms, and there are more than 5,000 of these nocturnal larvae that glow for up to 9 months of their life cycle.


Unlike the Tourist Caves at Waitomo where the Glow Worms are 5 metres above your head, at Mount Tutu these wonders of nature are less than 50cm (18 inches) in front of you and are alongside you as you walk through them.  Nothing scary, just an amazing fairyland that is only open to staying guests.

We can offer you a great Glow Worm experience 12 months of the year, although the time when they are mature and are glowing brightest, is September through to March.  This is the same for all Glow Worm habitats throughout New Zealand.

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